Interntaional Ballet Masterclasses in Prague

During August 2019, I participated in Prague international Ballet Masterclasses organized by Daria Klimentova who is the director of this course. Daria Klimentova has been a principal dancer at the English National Ballet and she is now teaching at Royal Ballet Upper School.  
The course lasted for two weeks with full schedule every day including: Ballet classes, Repertoire, Pas de deux and ContemporaryDuring the repertoire classes we learnt five different variations. It was very good for me to work on them and learn them. During the first week’s Pas de deux classes we learned a Pas de deux from Paquita and the second week the Black Swan Pas de deux from Swan Lake.
The contemporary dance was very educational for me, learning new steps and choreographies and also to use a different techniques in the contemporary style. 
Each evening after the classes there was an interview with one of the teachers. It was very interesting to hear their stories and experiences through their years as dancers and they did also answer a lot of interesting questions. 
A typical day at this course could be: starting with ballet class at 10 until 11.30, followed by an hour of classical solo repertoire and then a two-hour class of either pas de deux or contemporary. Each week we had in total three pas de deux classes, six repertoire classes and three contemporary classes. 
It was a different team of teachers in the first and second week. First week’s teachers were: Tatiana Melnik, Principal Ballerina at the Hungarian National Ballet, Daria Klimentová former Principal of the Royal Ballet (born in Prague), Tamas Solymosi who is an international star dancer from Hungary, Vladimir Shishov who was a soloist of the Marinsky theater and later became first soloist of the Wiener Staatballett, Thomas Edur, Principal dancer of the Royal Ballet and born in Tallinn (Estonia) and Josef Dolinsky, first soloist of the Slovak National ballet theater and later became the director of the Slovak National Ballet 
The second week's classes were taught by following teachers: Daria Klimentová, Vadim Muntagirov who is the lead principal of the Royal ballet, Christoper Hampson artistic director of the Scottish ballet. Jan-Erik Wikström Swedish soloist dancer from the Royal Swedish Opera. Isabelle Ciaravola French ballet dancer from the Paris Opera. 
All the teachers were very good. I feel privileged to get the chance to know so many different teachers and learn as much as possible from them. This course was really inspiring, I got the chance to meet incredible teachers and students. I can really recommend Prague international Ballet Masterclasses

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  1. What a great program feature you had in the evenings - interviews with your dance teachers! I understand that it must have been very interesting to hear memories and experiences from their study time and career. It also gives a sense of inclusion in the larger context - the art of dance - and the work you need to go through to reach your highest potential and the goals of your dreams.
    Satu / CA